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Alfasud Sprint 1976 - 1989   

(Alfasud 1972 - 1983)    

This page is primarily intended for Alfasud Sprint enthusiastic people. Technical data (Chassis, Production and Motor Numbers) are also available for the Alfasud.

The Alfasud Sprint was designed in the mid-1970s by designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. At the presentation of the Alfasud in 1971, the further development as a coupé was already being considered. In 1976, the first Alfasud Sprint was produced in a car factory in Naples.

The Alfasud Sprint / Sprint was built 121,434 times until 1989. The Alfasud is equipped with front-wheel drive and boxer engine. It has been produced in different versions over time. From 1983 he was called only Sprint. In the meantime, it was built with 1,286, 1,351, 1,490 or 1,712 cc engines.

The Alfasud Sprint is known for its good roadholding and driving pleasure. But Alfasuds became even more well-known due to the susceptibility to rust. Already at the delivery vehicles were affected, so that many vehicles had only a short lifetime. Later models had a better quality.

Production Figures

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